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Curriculum & Attributes

Bible Lessons

Young minds eagerly embrace the wonders of learning through the Bible. With stories and joyful songs, the children will explore timeless applications and learning experiences, creating a foundation of faith and understanding that will brighten their futures.

Circle Time

During circle time, Then, we dive into practical knowledge, discussing weather, calendars, and birthdays, and sharing. This fosters a sense of community that nurtures the student's growing minds and hearts.


Our little artists embark on colorful adventures, exploring the wonders of art and unleashing their boundless imaginations. From finger painting and molding, each stroke is a masterpiece in the making, nurturing a passion for creativity that lasts a lifetime.

Outdoor Activities

Through energetic play, students hone motor skills, discovering the joy of movement. Encouraged to explore freely, they cultivate independence in their own unique ways. Amid laughter and camaraderie, friendships blossom, encouraging strong social skills that will accompany them on their journey through life.

Story Time

Through the enchantment of storytelling, we invite not just a passion for reading and attentive listening, but use this time to bring up our children's linguistic skills that pave the way for lifelong learning and exploration.

Math & Science

We believe that curiosity is the key to unlocking the wonders of math and science. Through hands-on exploration and playful experimentation, our young learners discover the building blocks of numbers and the mysteries of the natural world.


Language comes alive through movement! Our multi-sensory language arts program takes a kinesthetic approach to learning, engaging children's bodies and minds in tandem. Through interactive activities and games, young learners explore language. 


Our four-year-old group is just beginning their handwriting journey! From tracing letters to forming their own words and sentences, each step brings them closer to unlocking the power of written expression and practical communication.


The students embark on harmonious adventure where music and storytelling intertwine. Through catchy tunes and captivating lyrics, little ones journey through tales both old and new, exploring the magic of rhythm and melody. 


Children eagerly gather for chapel time, where they joyfully listen to God's word shared by pastors and youth ministers. Through engaging stories and interactive discussions, they begin to understand and appreciate the teachings of Scripture.

Special Guests

Over the years, we've welcomed special guests from our community, such as the fire department, to enrich our learning experiences with real-life insights. Engaging interactions and hands-on demonstrations, allow children to gain valuable knowledge and skills.

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