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Our Curriculum

Bible Lessons

Bible stories are read daily and will be followed up through songs and finger plays.


Throughout the day children have many opportunities to explore their creativity through art. It is the process that counts, not the end product.

Math Science

Through hands on experiences and the use of manipulatives, children explore the world of math and science.


Children learn a variety of songs that correlate with our themes. In addition to our daily music curriculum. 

Learning Center

These centers are used to encourage cooperative play and to help develop social skills. (ex. blocks, art, writing, reading, puzzles, home center)

Outdoor Play

At this time children work on gross motor skills, free play, and social skills.


A multi-sensory language arts program that is a kinesthetic, multi-modal approach to learning all aspects of language arts.


Children hear Bible stories and sing songs through weekly chapel time with our pastors  and youth minister. Parents are welcome to attend chapel time. Contact the  school office for scheduled chapel times.   

Circle Time

This time is for prayer, calendar, weather, birthdays, sharing, and other cognitive skills.

Story Time

Literature is an integral part of our curriculum as we try to emphasize the importance of reading and language development.

Handwriting Without Tears

Through this award winning handwriting curriculum, the four year old classes develop core readiness skills in language and literacy.

Special Guests

Throughout the year we host special guests from the community to enhance our children's learning experience. pecial guest may include a visit from the local fire 
department, a magician, or other enjoyable learning opportunities.   

Lutheran Curriculum

The two and three year old classes use “One In Christ” curriculum in planning their weekly lessons. This is a curriculum that incorporates Bible stories and life application experiences.

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